Scientific Programme
Scientific Programme
All timings are as per Indian Standard Time(IST)
DAY 1 - 15/07/21
3pm-4pm Inaugural function
4.05pm - 4.20pm IST- To be perfunct or to perfect it - Skin biopsy -How to and how not to? Dr. Gopikrishnan Anjaneyan
4.25pm - 4.40pm IST - The kaleidoscopic spectrum - An over view of stains and IF Dr. Malini Eapen
5.00pm-5.30pm IST - Lichenoid and Interface dermatitis- A walk along the cross talk Dr. G Nandakumar
5.40pm - 6.30pm IST - “Oh! Those not so vulgar plaques” - Psoriasiform dermatitis - Emerging horizons Dr. Sreedevan V(Dermatology), Dr. K P Aravindan(Pathology)
6.40 pm -7.30pm IST - Dont ignore them “appendages”- A case based approach to skin adnexal neoplasms Dr. Rajendra Singh
7.30pm - 8.00pm IST- Histologic and Diagnostic clues in Dermatopathology- An approach to reporting skin biopsies Dr. Adam Rubin
8.15 pm - 8.45 pm IST - Don’t ever trust those cute moles- An Update on Melanocytic lesions with an emphasis on biomarkers and staging Dr Sara Edward
DAY 2 16/7/21
4.00pm- 4.45pm IST-A “Hair Affair”-Alopecia demystified Dr. Mark Koh Jean Aan
5.00pm - 5.35pm IST - Better “delayed” than never - A “hypersensitisation” to Granulomatous dermatitis Dr. M Ramam
5.45pm - 6.25pm IST- Its not always so “Sweet” - A current review of Neutrophilic dermatosis Dr. Vinitha V Panicker(Dermatology), Dr. Rajalakshmi Tirumalae(Pathology)
6.35pm-7.10pm IST-Vasculitis-A purpuric perspective - What’s new? Dr. Soumya Jagadeesan(Dermatology), Dr. Uma Nahar(Pathology)
7.20pm - 7.45pm IST- To just react or go beserk - Part I Approach to Cutaneous lymphomas Dr. Jacqueline Junkin Hopkins
7.45pm-8.15pm IST- Slide seminar on Cutaneous lymphomas Dr. Jacqueline Junkin Hopkins
8.30pm- 9.00pm IST - Interesting cases -Panel discussion Moderators - Dr. Gopikrishnan(Dermatology), Dr. Malini Eapen(Pathology), Panelist - Dr. Sankar S, Dr. Rajendra Singh, Dr. Adam Rubin. Dr. Uma Nahar, Dr. Ramam M, Dr. Sara Edwards, Dr. Jacqueline Junkins Hopkins, Dr. Nandakumar G
DAY 3 17/7/21
4.00pm-4.35pm IST- Self or Non-self- The barrier gets recognised- Skin in Autoimmune CTD Dr. Jacob Thomas(Dermatology), Dr. Manoj Singh(Pathology)
4.45pm-5.20pm IST-Ignorance is bliss”ter- Vesiculobullous disease Dr. Rajiv Joshi
5.30pm-6.15pm IST-To just react or go beserk - Part II Cutaneous pseudolymphomas - Case based approach Dr. Meera Thomas
6.30pm -7.00pm IST- Pediatric dermatology - Do we need to think “small”? Dr. Adam Rubin
7.15pm-7.45pm IST - Customised cure or Cosmetic care - Skin reactions in Immunotherapy for cancer Dr. Ata Moshiri
8.00pm -8.30pm IST - For a Nail Biting Finish - “Get ready to chew on your nail” pathology Dr. Adam Rubin
8.30pm -9pm Closing ceremony
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